About Us

Kingdom Minded. Kingdom People.

King’s Cross Church is a congregation of Living Faith Community Church (PCA) of New York and we were planted in October of 2012 in the Downtown Flushing Community. As part of Living Faith Community Church, we practice a multi-congregational approach to church planting which enables our church to be a part of a cooperative community-based church, while having access to resources of a much larger church community.

The vision of Living Faith Community Church is to saturate New York City with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and to transform the lives of its people. Flushing was an attractive location because of its diversity. As one of the most international communities in the US, Flushing has almost 160 language groups living here.

In 2011, church-planter Peter Ong and his wife Jamie decided to plant a church in Flushing. In the fall of 2012 they began to share the vision of King’s Cross Church with the community. A small and growing group of people began to meet in community groups in Queens and ultimately established a core team for the specific work of planting a community church in Flushing.

The foundation of The King’s Cross Church is our desire to be Kingdom Minded Kingdom People that reflect a Gospel-driven life. We believe that the gospel–God’s amazing grace through the saving work of His son, Jesus Christ–changes everything: ourselves, our families, our communities, our cultures, our cities and our world.

From this foundation flows our mission: To glorify God by planting a new Gospel-Centered church in the heart of one of the most vibrant and culturally influential cities in the world and to be agents of grace-driven, gospel transformation in Flushing, New York, a global hub and to the ends of the earth.

Our Values


The Gospel tells us that our root sin is not just failing in our obedience to God but relying on our obedience to save us. Therefore the gospel is not just the way to go to heaven, but is the way to address every problem and is a way to grow at every step.


At the center of King’s Cross Church’s vision is to be a community of prayer. A healthy church is both a result of and a means to the dynamics of spiritual renewal, therefore we must be rooted in extraordinary prayer as well as corporate and individual repentance before God.


The Lordship of Christ over every area of life prevents us from dividing life into secular/public vs. private/sacred realms or into physical/worldly vs. spiritual/church realms.


We will mirror our geographic neighborhood. We will seek to reflect more racial unity than our neighborhood in order to witness to the truth of the Gospel.


We do not just seek our own prosperity, or even the peace of our neighborhood, but the peace and prosperity of the whole city. We will not only have pity or sympathy on our city, but also will respect and learn from it as we show compassion.


We believe that the Gospel alone changes people’s lives and creates a new community which loves and serves each other. And this change occurs as Christians learn to apply the Gospel and share their lives with one another in mutual encouragement in small cell groups.


We do not consider church planting to be either traumatic or unusual process. Rather, we are always planning and working toward the next daughter church, just as we are always doing other ministries of the church.