Community Groups

Community Groups are the heartbeat of our church. At King’s Cross Church we believe that the Gospel must be exercised in community; the Christian faith was never intended to be lived in isolation. Community Groups are small gatherings of people who meet during the week to study and grow together in the Gospel. We have several groups that meet throughout the week and we encourage you to join one!

Tuesday / Forest Hills

Andrew Yoon
Stella Yoon

Wednesday / Flushing

Kelly Chan
John Pang

Wednesday / Flushing

Liu Leung
Judy Chang

Thursday / Flushing

Terence Moy
Bonita Leung

Thursday / Flushing

Helen Chun
Brian Hu
Angelica Quintana

Thursday / Men's Group

Matt Suhu
Curtis Xia

Friday / Women's Group

Alice Au
Grace Suhu
Jane Xia
Amy Woo

Friday / Flushing Chinese Community Group

Jean Jin
Andrew Lee
Judy Chang
Jia Lei

If you are interested in learning more about our Community Groups, please contact