Here is the link to this Sunday's Worship Service, 4/5 @11:00am. PW: 102453
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*Friday Night Youth Group has been moved online.

Dear King’s Cross,

For our Online Sunday Worship Platform, we will be using Zoom, which will allow us to have some flexibility in how we meet. However, using online streaming could be an issue with how we worship, because of its inherent lack of interaction and participation. Therefore, what we will be introducing this coming Sunday will be a slightly modified form of our Sunday Worship service—

  • We will still have worship at 11 am—with the familiar elements of liturgy, praise, praying, Scripture reading, and sermon. However, recognizing that this format can be less immersive, we will dial it back some, and this portion of service will be shorter. 
  • At roughly 11:30-40, we’ll transition within Zoom (which has a great option for this,) into “break out rooms” of groups of 10ish. We have leaders who’ll be leading us in questions from the pastoral staff to discuss on the passage, sermon, and just for us to connect and know we’re not alone in this, ending in prayer.
  • We’ll be called back at around 12:15-20 to come back and close off together with announcements and benediction. 

Thank you for riding the wave with us as we plan this out and work on the best way we can go deeper together, despite the transitions and newness of it all! We’re going to be actively reviewing how things went and working each week to make adjustments as needed. 

Yours in Christ, 

-Pastor Rob


  1. Good Friday Service | 4/10 @7:00pm

    Zoom link:
    Meeting ID: 677 488 059
    PW: 811600

  2. Easter Diaconate Mercy Fund | 4/12

    During the period of Lent, we especially reflect on Christ's sacrifice and generosity. We encourage you during this season to seek out a way to serve our neighborhood and community. All of the financial gifts received on Easter Sunday will be set aside to our diaconate mercy fund, which is used to help those in financial and crisis situations. Please prayerfully consider contributing to this fund to serve our neighbors.

  3. Prayer Vigil | Wednesdays @12:00pm

    Zoom Link:
    Meeting ID: 491 283 344
    Password: 095674

  4. Community Groups

    Community groups are small gatherings of people committed to growing together in the Gospel. If you have yet to join a group, we are starting a new session and welcome you to join. If you are interested, but don't know where to start, please email Norman (