SUNDAYS @ 11:00 AM


  1. Townhall Meeting | Feb 9th

    On Sunday Feb 9th at 1PM we will be holding a town hall meeting, where we will share about how God has been working in and through the body of Christ. All are welcome to attend.

  2. Sunday Suppers

    Welcoming ministry would like to refresh & reboot SUNDAY SUPPERS! This would be a great opportunity to share a meal with people you'd like to get to know better! Provide your availability to host or to join a Sunday Supper and you will be matched in groups of 4-6. Please contact bettyliong@gmail.com  for more info.

  3. Monthly Q/A

    Once a month (on the 4th Sunday) there will be a time for Q/A with pastor Robert to talk through any questions you might have from the teachings, theology, life, God, and Christian living. The Q/A sessions will be right after our prelude, in the auditorium. Feel free to submit questions anonymously via https://www.sli.do, or the Slido app, using the event code: #F228.

  4. Community Groups

    Community groups are small gatherings of people committed to growing together in the Gospel. If you have yet to join a group, we are starting a new session and welcome you to join. If you are interested, but don't know where to start, please email Norman (norman@kingscrossnyc.org). 

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