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Due to the pandemic and city restrictions, we are continuing to worship online via zoom. If you are gathering with others in home, please follow our Worship Pod Safety Guidelines.

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Children's Ministry

Our children's service meets at 10:00 am. If you're interested in joining, please email Jeying, our Children's Ministry Director.

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Youth Group Worship Service

Join our Youth Group Worship Service on Sundays, 1:30pm

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Sunday Evening Prayer

Weekly Sunday Evening Prayer for our members to rest and practice our dependence on him.

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our EmbRACE studies

If you've been with our church this past year or have attended one of our community groups, you likely would have participated in one of our EmbRACE studies. I've written about these studies before, but the actual studies themselves were only shared within our community group ministry so I wanted to put these studies out there in part as (1) our humble contribution to the ongoing work of the church in its engagement with the systems of oppression in our society but also (2) as a snapshot to…

Salvation by Pain

This month we commemorated one year of Covid-19 lock downs. We experienced collective pain and grief over the deaths in Atlanta.And endured even more hardships daily in this season of Lent. In a book I started reading this Lenten season, I came across a reference to The End of Suffering by Scott Cairn where he tells about a monk, dying of cancer, who said, "Paradise is filled with men and women whose cancer saved their lives." This passing allusion stopped me in my tracks. How could cancer…

Burnout and Serving

Everyone is afraid of burnout Everyone is afraid of burnout. We talk a lot about spreading ourselves too thin, about over commitment, about work-life balance. Everyone seems to be concerned about self care… but is it really self care? I’m starting believe that what many are now passing off as “self care” when choosing not serving others or refraining from active participation in community is really a stubborn and perpetual self ignorance masquerading as prudence. We think, “Do less…

Join a Community Group

Community Groups are the heartbeat of our church. It is our life in gospel community that shapes and forms us as God’s people. Our faith is not meant to be lived out alone.

Especially in this year of physical isolation, we continue to spur one another on in life and faith through virtual online meetings. If you’re not part of a community group, click below to learn more!

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Pastors' Hours

Without in-person gatherings, it has becoming increasingly difficult to connect and meet.

Our pastors have opened their schedules to serve the church. You are welcome to schedule a time to connect, pray together, receive counsel, or just fellowship!