Portraits of Grace: Brendon (2 of 2)

April 5, 2016
Norman Yung

Portraits of Grace is a snapshot into the lives of the people at King's Cross Church. As "kingdom minded, kingdom people," we recognize God's work in every detail of our lives. We invite you to meet the people of our church.

Photo by Lucy Song

I’ll admit, transitioning to Flushing was difficult. Our church is big on moving into the community and getting to know the people here, so I thought I’d move and try to, you know, affect the community. Initially, I was so encouraged—these little kids playing in the hallway of my building wanted to get to know me, and I had such high hopes that they went to P.S. 20 since we worship there! But I guess they went to the other school, and it just seemed like everyone in my building just did their own thing. I’m glad that I can at least open up my place for CG. It’s amazing to see the relationships being built and the amount of trust you can bestow upon another person about your life. We’ve gotten so much more comfortable over the past year, and there’s no judgement. We’re all in it for the same purpose. We’re all trying to learn something from the passage. We’re trying to experience life together.  (2/2)

King’s Cross Church is a church of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
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