Portraits of Grace: Jamie

May 17, 2016
Norman Yung

Portraits of Grace is a snapshot into the lives of the people at King's Cross Church. As "kingdom minded, kingdom people," we recognize God's work in every detail of our lives. We invite you to meet the people of our church.

Photo by Lucy Song

During the first year that our family moved into Flushing, I was at a birthday party with the boys at Chuck E Cheese. I was getting ready to redeem our tickets as a young boy begins speaking to me in Mandarin. My first thought was, ‘Why is this obnoxious kid yelling at me?’ I had gotten stuck in traffic, fought for a parking space, and dragged the kids through a busy supermarket in order to get to the party. Little did I know that the boy was actually trying to help me, saying that you couldn’t redeem tickets at the counter, you had to feed them into a machine. I probably spent more time in Flushing those first few weeks than I had in all my years in NYC. Through such moments, God was opening my eyes and my heart to the beauty and yearning of such a community. He was teaching to be more outward with myself and my family rather than seeking comfort and certainty.

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