“Portraits of Grace: CEM Story” follows the development of our Children’s Education Ministry at King’s Cross Church. As “kingdom minded, kingdom people,” we recognize God’s work in every aspect of our church. We invite you to witness God’s work in the children of our church.

Photo by Minnow Park

“I wanted to wait until the church was more cemented before doing SSP [Summer Saturday Program], but Serena was insistent on being present and doing it by faith. So we did, God amazed us, and I walked away with two key lessons. One, my cynicism needed to be dealt with in light of faith. I thought young adults were more consumerist and wouldn’t participate―but when the Spirit stirs people with a kingdom vision, people are willing to help. Service is not a burden but a privilege in how God shapes and engages people. Two, this is a God thing. SSP was a jumping point for these kids to come to know the gospel, come to CEM and for their parents to come to church. Every day, we have a great opportunity to live out the gospel to the children we see hanging out in the community, and this is probably the most effective way to reach a neighborhood―through the children.” – Peter