Portraits of Grace: CEM Story (4 of 4)

June 30, 2016
Norman Yung

“Portraits of Grace: CEM Story” follows the development of our Children’s Education Ministry at King’s Cross Church. As “kingdom minded, kingdom people,” we recognize God’s work in every aspect of our church. We invite you to witness God’s work in the children of our church.

Photo by Minnow Park

“When my mom brought me to SSP, I didn’t know a lot about God. I was a really clueless kid. But as I went to the classes, I learned more about why I was there, the Bible, and how God died for our sins: how God is great and that He’s our savior. I also gained really good friends. Their moms are close with my mom―you know how Asian moms work―and as they came here more and more, our relationship grew and we loved each other more and more. Since then, it’s felt like a really quick transition from CEM to staying through service. Even though I sometimes doze off (sorry Peter), I try my best to listen to the sermons and it gives me a whole new perspective on God. I just want to thank everyone for welcoming such a clueless kid into the church and helping me realize more about God.” – Vanness

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