Portraits of Grace: Andy

September 27, 2016
Norman Yung

Portraits of Grace is a snapshot into the lives of the people at King's Cross Church. As "kingdom minded, kingdom people," we recognize God's work in every detail of our lives. We invite you to meet the people of our church.

Photo by Minnow Park

I’ve been incredibly blessed to be hired as an Airline Pilot when I was only 23, it is a solid career path with excellent benefits. It’s also a very comfortable position where it’s very easy to fall into complacency; quality of life was great and there was no eagerness/willingness to step outside of that comfort zone. I knew I’ve always loved this career path, but I also wanted to use what I’ve been blessed with; a special set of skills where it’s needed. My thoughts sought after places outside of the US, countries and regions that didn’t have the luxury of common goods and services, airline travel to many of regions were considered non-profitable and/or hostile due to political sanctions. I believe God has provided me an opportunity to serve, when I was hired by a freight company that works with other countries and humanitarian organizations to specifically fly into those regions. I think this will be a paramount challenge and a leap out of that comfort zone; I still haven’t told my mom the new job isn’t as ‘Safe’ as before and frankly I don’t even know how to begin that conversation.

Lately, I’m constantly reminded of Joshua 1:9 ‘Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go.’ I am thankful to be part of a community that encourages and motivates me; to have close friends and mentors reassure me. I am excited to start this next chapter.

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