Portraits of Grace: Norman

September 6, 2016
Norman Yung

Portraits of Grace is a snapshot into the lives of the people at King’s Cross Church. As “kingdom minded, kingdom people,” we recognize God’s work in every detail of our lives. We invite you to meet the people of our church.

Photo by Albert Cheung

Growing up I wanted to be an astronaut. I went to Space Camp as a kid and grew up fascinated with science and the stars. I also grew up going to church and learning all the Bible stories in Sunday School. I was good at answering questions and knowing what happened in each Bible story.

At some point, I realized that the stories about origins in the Bible and the explanations in my space books didn’t really work well together. In space land it was the Big Bang and in Sunday school it was seven days of creation. I thought, “How could these both be true? Is my faith my own or is this just stuff that I’ve been taught?” My personal journey to faith started with doubt.

Did Jesus rise from the dead? Did he raise Lazarus? Did he walk on water? Turn water into wine? It was doubt that propelled me to ask questions and I struggled at times with some of the answers I found. But looking back I think God was using even my doubt and desire for truth to lead me to him. Without doubt, I wouldn’t have asked questions and would not have come to know Christ.

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