We believe God has planted King’s Cross Church in Flushing to be a witness and community of Kingdom Minded, Kingdom People in this city, for this city. 

As we approach summer, I want to invite you to review or for some, explain, our vision of where we are moving as a church this year. I shared at our last town hall meeting how our Congregational Retreat will be vitally important for us to grow in our understanding of how God has and is gathering and scattering us as a people–to accomplish his mission of redeeming creation and doing good for the city.

This year, as we gather once again around the table of God’s great banquet of grace, the Lord of the banquet has disclosed a deep, intimate yearning in his heart. It is not our request, nor is it a man-made vision. Jesus, himself, reveals to us our Father’s great longing: to see his house filled.

The Greek word being used here, gemizo, means “to fill or to saturate completely.” Other uses in Scripture refer to pots being gemizo’ed with water, or a boat that is sinking, being gemizo’ed by massive waves. Our Father’s desire is not for what is on the table, but for those who have not yet tasted how good and satisfying the Bread of Life really is!

The Dynamic of “Gathered and Scattered”

We can lay out the vision like this:

We see our Father’s mission and desire is to restore all of creation, the first fruits of which are worshipers who have been captured by the love of his Son, Jesus Christ. The way he moves and stirs us to fill his dwelling place is by this missional movement we see as the Gathering and Scattering of his people with the compelling power of the gospel message. It’s the process of calling us into worship and building up of our faith, and as we’re filled up with the Word, sent out to live and proclaim that same good news.

If you have served in some of these areas before, challenge yourself to go deeper, to bring others with you, and to experience the wonder of God afresh. If you haven’t, challenge yourself and consider how you might want to partner and join in with where we see God at work in our community. Here are just a few areas where we invite you to join to consider joining with us:

  • Prayer Walks. As we walk through where we live, work, worship and eat, let’s stop and come aware to what God wants to reveal to us.  
  • Sunday Worship. This might seem strange to have here, but we have a very high rate of visitors that non-regular attendees that gather with us every week. How might God be calling you to simply reach out, get to know someone new, welcome someone into your circle, and possibly become a part of their story of how they became a part of this family. 
  • Theology of Work. As we began to think about how much time we spend at our work places and work communities, we saw what an incredible culture-shaping impact it would be to integrate a deep and wide understanding of how God sees us, our work, and how he calls us to an amazing truth about his Kingdom that could transform not only our hearts, but also our workplaces.
  • Congregational Retreat. Our retreat, this year, will be focusing on our vision of The Church: Gathered and Scattered. We’ve invited pastor Reyne Cabinte, who will be helping us think, pray and worship in the gospel, and challenge us to consider some ways we can compel others to come to the banquet table of grace in our own context. 
  • Summer Saturday Program. Each summer, for 5 Saturdays, we invite children from our community into our lives and hearts as we engage in sharing the gospel through songs, activities, and teaching–often to children who have never heard the gospel before! Our desire is to build relationships with these children and their families, planting seeds of faith that we pray God will grow into a relationship with Jesus Christ.