On April 15th, the Faith & Work Ministry hosted its third Faith @ Work Gathering inviting church members from Living Faith Community Church and King’s Cross Church, regular attendees, friends, and family to join the conversation of Faith @ Work and answer some pressing questions: Why do we work? Can our respective industries be redeemed? What would work look like, in a biblical context? How do we apply biblical knowledge and help our industries thrive? What is a “calling”?

While work can be grueling and each field with its unique pain points, coming together to explore how work can be redemptive filled the room with hopefulness. There were dynamic and fruitful conversations taking place in every corner of the venue leading everyone to pray for one another and each other’s workplace. 

15 different fields of work, 21 groups, and 2 hours later, we walked away desiring to further this conversation of work and dedicate ourselves to the mission of being salt and light in our workplace and the world.

So where does this all lead? 

Ultimately, we are seeking to unlearn broken perceptions of work. We want to continue addressing questions about work and what God always intended it to be through classes the Faith & Work ministry offers, alongside with the continuation of regular large gatherings. With the understanding of the Great Commission – go and make disciples of all nations – it is our desire to see brothers and sisters empowered to go into the workplace, fully supported by the Church through a Commissioning by sending them into the workplace and homes with hope and encouragement.