The EmbRACE Study / 03

We're at this again? It's just after Thanksgiving -- and not a "normal" one at that. I must confess that the thought of having to engage in another race study... now... sounds... well... it doesn't fill me with excitement. My finger to the pulse of our church and immediate community is that we're tired of […]

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Knowledge of Self

"At exactly which point do you start to realizeThat life without knowledge is death in disguise?That's why, knowledge of self is like life after deathApply it, to your life, let destiny manifest!" Black Star Hip hop embraced the phrase “knowledge of self” as a call for people to be conscious of their inner thoughts and […]

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Fighting to be Still

Pastor Rob gave us a very good word to consider this past Sunday from Psalm 146 in anticipation of this week and all the anxiety many of us may be experiencing regarding the election. Yes, as citizens and members of society, we are called to "submit our ballots," yet, as believers, we are not called […]

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