Leaders & Staff

Church Staff

Robert Lee
Senior Pastor, Teaching Elder

Robert was born in Daegu, South Korea and immigrated to the United States when he was very young and grew up with a multicultural background in upstate New York. He and his wife Sara were married in Philadelphia during his Master of Divinity studies at Westminster Theological Seminary. Nothing excites him more than to see the good news of grace transform and renew communities of work and life. He and Sara live right in the heart of Flushing Downtown and envision what Flushing looks like in the eyes of God, who desires to see communities like this filled with the restorative, freeing news of Christ the King.

Norman Yung
Assistant Pastor, Teaching Elder

Norman lives in Woodside, Queens with his wife, Stephanie, and three daughters Rehema, Selah and Isaya. He oversees Sunday Worship and Community Group ministry. Norman is passionate about worship and seeks to help our church grow in both depth and expression. His background is in computer science and previously worked as a fullstack web developer before pursuing full-time ministry. He loves coffee, ultimate disc, biking, and Narnia.

Joshua Ro
Assistant Pastor, Teaching Elder

Joshua likes hearing stories from various backgrounds, cultures, ages, and faiths. This is one reason he was drawn to New York City, the most ethnically diverse region on earth. His heroes include Bruce Lee, Paul Simon, and Timothy Keller. He has a Master of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary.

Ruling Elders

Stephen Fang
Ruling Elder

Stephen Fang grew up in Flushing, NY and started attending King’s Cross in the fall of 2013. He is known for his love for community, good food, and sleep. Stephen was ordained as a ruling elder February 2018, and oversees the finance ministry, Chinese ministry, and translation team. He currently resides in downtown Flushing with his wife, Ester.

Gary Fong
Ruling Elder (Sabbatical)

Gary was born and raised in Queens / NYC. He graduated from Stuyvesant HS (’94) and St. Johns University (’98) and currently works in the financial services industry. Gary is married to Lisa Fong and is the father of Avery & Addison Fong. They currently reside in Bayside. Gary accepted Jesus Christ as Lord & Savior in 1990, started attending LFCC in 2000, and was ordained as a Ruling Elder in 2012. Currently Gary oversees the Welcoming, Fellowship and Special Event ministries.

Matt Suhu
Ruling Elder

Matt grew up in Rego Park, Queens. He married his college sweetheart, Grace, and they have two beautiful children, Caleb and Elyse. He is currently a high school mathematics teacher and has been an educator since 2003. Matt and his family were part of the core team that was sent from Living Faith Community Church to plant King’s Cross Church in 2012. He is humbled by what God has allowed him to witness and experience at King’s Cross Church, and is excited to see more people being renewed by the grace and love of Jesus Christ. Matt currently oversees the community group ministry, the children’s education ministry, and the diaconate team.

Curtis Xia
Ruling Elder

Curtis is a ruling elder at King’s Cross Church. He first came to faith in Jesus as a high school senior. He was baptized at Living Faith Community Church (LFCC). After being part of LFCC for more than 10 years, he and his family joined King’s Cross in 2012. His main responsibilities at King’s Cross include oversight of the nursing home and basketball ministries. Curtis has been a NYC high school math teacher since 2016. Currently he is teaching in the Bronx.

Diaconate Team

Judy Chang
Diaconate Team

Judy is a Panamanian born Chinese, who grew up in Brooklyn and lived in Manhattan most of her life. She currently resides in Flushing with her sister. She is part of the King’s Cross core team and the diaconate team. Judy enjoys cooking, eating and and watching Christ work in others and her own life; and she feels that it’s even better when both are mixed together.

Lisa Fong
Diaconate Team

Lisa is married to Gary Fong and they have two daughters, Avery and Addison. Lisa joined the diaconate team in Feb 2013 and is currently a part of mercy and justice ministry.

Charles Lai
Diaconate Team

Charles was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Toronto, Canada, and came to NY for college. He currently resides in Flushing with his wife Jovita, their daughter Joielle, their son Atticus, and their dog Mochi. Charles works in app design & research. He occasionally take online classes with Reformed Theological Seminary. Currently, Charles is serving as a Youth Group teacher. He says, “It’s one of the ways that God has opened my eyes to the amazing work that He is doing and desires to build up in the Flushing neighborhood.”

Jovita Lai
Diaconate Team

Jovita lives in Flushing with her husband, Charles, their daughter Joielle, their son Atticus, and their dog Mochi. Charles and Jovita have been attending King’s Cross since its start in 2012. Jovita loves connecting with people over good food, desserts and bubble tea. She currently works as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner in Urology.

Eunmi Moy
Diaconate Team

Eunmi was born in Korea and has lived in Flushing, Queens since 1991. She is an alumni of Bronx HS of Science and University of Michigan. Eunmi currently works in the hospitality/hotel industry. Having grown up in Queens, her heart is for the youth and young adults here. Eunmi currently serves on the Diaconate Team and support the Community Groups of King’s Cross Church.

Terence Moy
Diaconate Team

Terence is a speech language pathologist working at a special education high school in Forest Hills. He currently serves as a coordinator and small group leader for the community group ministry at King’s Cross Church.

Amy Ro
Diaconate Team

Amy was born and raised in SoCal but also spent ~10 years in Korea. She returned to the states for college and stayed on the East Coast since. She’s been with King’s Cross since Day 1 and came to know Christ during her first year of joining. She grew deeper in faith through the support of her community and the leaders she serves alongside today. She loves to learn, read various genres of books, and spend time with friends over good coffee.

Grace Suhu
Diaconate Team

Grace has been part of Kings Cross church from its beginning. She is blessed with her family- her husband Matt and two beautiful children. She works as a nurse practitioner in oncology. Grace has the privilege of serving on the diaconate as part of the care coordinating team. She also serves on the praise team and is part of a discipleship group.

Jane Xia
Diaconate Team

Jane has been attending King’s Cross with her husband Curtis since 2012 and is proud to be part of this church family. Jane and Curtis have three beautiful and active children and have been blessed by watching them grow. Jane has been teaching ESL for 15 years but is currently a stay-at-home mom who enjoys getting to know other moms and share the love of Christ.

King’s Cross Church is a church of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA)
For questions and information, please contact info@kingscrossnyc.org.
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