The Church is Not in the Service Industry

It's been busy. Our church has been busy trying to get back on track while covid and leadership stress/burnout have been throwing a barrage of banana peels and turtle shells at us. And as I've been talking and listening to members in our church and discussing with other staff, I've come to realize that many […]

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BPCC Volunteer Opportunities

1. Boro Pregnancy Counseling Center (BPCC) is looking for volunteers who can help with the following on 9/8, 9/29, and 10/13 at 11am: editing the video for this year’s Virtual Gala in October  childcare for parenting classes on Wednesdays  2. BPCC is also collecting girls and gender neutral (yellow and green) baby clothes for 7 […]

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Garden of Hope Family Day | DATE CHANGE TO 8/28

Because of the weather forecast, Garden of Hope Family Day will take place on the following Saturday 8/28 from 10:30a – 12:30p at Kissena Park. There will be group games and water activities. Due to the date change, we are in need of 4 more volunteers. Please contact Amy Ro ( if you’re able and willing to help. […]

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A New Belonging

At this past Sunday's Town Hall Meeting, I briefly presented our renewed Community Group vision that we hope to start in the Fall and made a call for help to make this vision a reality. I want to outline this vision here for those who couldn't make it but also to better explain the rationale […]

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our EmbRACE studies

If you've been with our church this past year or have attended one of our community groups, you likely would have participated in one of our EmbRACE studies. I've written about these studies before, but the actual studies themselves were only shared within our community group ministry so I wanted to put these studies out […]

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Salvation by Pain

This month we commemorated one year of Covid-19 lock downs. We experienced collective pain and grief over the deaths in Atlanta.And endured even more hardships daily in this season of Lent. In a book I started reading this Lenten season, I came across a reference to The End of Suffering by Scott Cairn where he […]

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Burnout and Serving

Everyone is afraid of burnout Everyone is afraid of burnout. We talk a lot about spreading ourselves too thin, about over commitment, about work-life balance. Everyone seems to be concerned about self care… but is it really self care? I’m starting believe that what many are now passing off as “self care” when choosing not serving […]

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Reflections on Life Together in 2020

Indeed, the past year has been one of much loss, grief, and pain. Challenges in identity, community, ministry. Please forgive me getting this out after the year has rolled over. These reflections have been a long time coming. Longer than most of my posts here. I'm sure we'll still be processing for many years to […]

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Advent 2020: We Wait

In this Advent Season, we are reminded that all of creation longs for things to be made right. Everything is not right and longs to be set right. The Apostle Paul writes to the church in Romans that "creation waits with eager longing... to be set free from its bondage to corruption," and we know […]

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The EmbRACE Study / 03

We're at this again? It's just after Thanksgiving -- and not a "normal" one at that. I must confess that the thought of having to engage in another race study... now... sounds... well... it doesn't fill me with excitement. My finger to the pulse of our church and immediate community is that we're tired of […]

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