A blessing

"for the life you didn't choose" by Kate Bowler Blessed are you when the shock subsides,when vaguely, you see a line appearthat divides before and after. You didn’t draw it,and you can barely even make it out.But as surely as minutes add up to hours and days,here you are,forced into a story you never would […]

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Lead with Love

We recently finished up a sermon series for church on the book of Titus. It wasn't the easiest book to preach on, but I am pleased with how it turned out. As I was finishing the last sermon, one refrain that I kept going back to "lead with love" as a way to live out […]

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A New Belonging

At this past Sunday's Town Hall Meeting, I briefly presented our renewed Community Group vision that we hope to start in the Fall and made a call for help to make this vision a reality. I want to outline this vision here for those who couldn't make it but also to better explain the rationale […]

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Burnout and Serving

Everyone is afraid of burnout Everyone is afraid of burnout. We talk a lot about spreading ourselves too thin, about over commitment, about work-life balance. Everyone seems to be concerned about self care… but is it really self care? I’m starting believe that what many are now passing off as “self care” when choosing not serving […]

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Reflections on Life Together in 2020

Indeed, the past year has been one of much loss, grief, and pain. Challenges in identity, community, ministry. Please forgive me getting this out after the year has rolled over. These reflections have been a long time coming. Longer than most of my posts here. I'm sure we'll still be processing for many years to […]

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When Life Gets Wild, God is Good

Hello Church, Elder Matt here. As our church’s 7th annual Summer Saturday Program is fast approaching, it is important that we remember how our Lord Jesus Christ considers and sees the children. In Luke 9:46-48, Jesus’s disciples are arguing who amongst themselves is the greatest. Jesus responds by taking a child by his side and says, […]

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