The Church is Not in the Service Industry

It's been busy. Our church has been busy trying to get back on track while covid and leadership stress/burnout have been throwing a barrage of banana peels and turtle shells at us. And as I've been talking and listening to members in our church and discussing with other staff, I've come to realize that many […]

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Salvation by Pain

This month we commemorated one year of Covid-19 lock downs. We experienced collective pain and grief over the deaths in Atlanta.And endured even more hardships daily in this season of Lent. In a book I started reading this Lenten season, I came across a reference to The End of Suffering by Scott Cairn where he […]

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Burnout and Serving

Everyone is afraid of burnout Everyone is afraid of burnout. We talk a lot about spreading ourselves too thin, about over commitment, about work-life balance. Everyone seems to be concerned about self care… but is it really self care? I’m starting believe that what many are now passing off as “self care” when choosing not serving […]

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Reflections on Life Together in 2020

Indeed, the past year has been one of much loss, grief, and pain. Challenges in identity, community, ministry. Please forgive me getting this out after the year has rolled over. These reflections have been a long time coming. Longer than most of my posts here. I'm sure we'll still be processing for many years to […]

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Knowledge of Self

"At exactly which point do you start to realizeThat life without knowledge is death in disguise?That's why, knowledge of self is like life after deathApply it, to your life, let destiny manifest!" Black Star Hip hop embraced the phrase “knowledge of self” as a call for people to be conscious of their inner thoughts and […]

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Fighting to be Still

Pastor Rob gave us a very good word to consider this past Sunday from Psalm 146 in anticipation of this week and all the anxiety many of us may be experiencing regarding the election. Yes, as citizens and members of society, we are called to "submit our ballots," yet, as believers, we are not called […]

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So Great a Cloud of Witnesses

Today is Halloween, or as the church has historically recognized, All Hallow's Eve or All Saints' Eve -- the day of preparation before All Saints' Day. The church has had a rich history with death and what it means to those in Christ, but it is lost to many of us today. Since death seems […]

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Sing to Your Soul

These days we find ourselves locked at home, physically disconnected from friends, family, and community. It’s been difficult. Challenging. Our work is strained. Our relationships are tested. We’re managing — or at least trying to. We’re making the best of our circumstances. But Sunday Worship is the time for the church — even if we’re […]

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Worship Formation During Covid-19

Like many congregations in our city, our church leadership has been evaluating what to do for Sunday Service. Should we cancel service? Should we “not give up meeting together as some are in the habit of doing?” Maybe divide up into small house churches and give house leaders an adapted service to lead! Maybe just […]

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Lent 2019: Embracing Death in the Land of the Living

was crucified, died, and was buried. The Apostles’ Creed Recently, I have been thinking a lot about human flourishing. What makes a human flourish? What does real flourishing look like? One prominent Korean scholar and writer made a keen observation that one tragic reality of this world is that people don’t think about death anymore. […]

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