Community Groups

Community Groups are the heartbeat of our church. A community group is a regular gathering of a small number of people who commit to one another’s growth and maturity in the gospel. The Christian faith is more than a system of doctrine to be understood; its message is alive and embodied in vibrant community. Community groups members meet to share life together  to spur one another toward maturity in Christ. Thus, it is important that community group members see themselves not as passive spectators that can come and go at his/her convenience, but as active participants in the spiritual growth of others as God works in them and through them. It is within community that we are formed as his kingdom people.

Tuesday / Forest Hills

Andrew Yoon
Stella Yoon

Tuesday / Rego Park

Norman Yung

Wednesday / Flushing

Kelly Chan
John Pang

Wednesday / Flushing

Angelica Quintana
Robert Calabretta

Wednesday / Women's Group

Grace Suhu
Jane Xia

Thursday / Flushing

Helen Chun
Brian Hu

Thursday / Men's Group

Matt Suhu
Curtis Xia

Friday / Flushing Chinese Community Group

Jean Jin
Andrew Lee
Jia Lei

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